Private Coaching Services

This page contains details on the sessions we can offer, with a little introduction into what each session is and how they may add value to what you do.

1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

These sessions are completely bespoke sessions, which are designed with the individuals best interest. Every session builds on the previous weeks work, as we are always looking for minor details which can be picked up and improved upon. 

1-2-1’s provide a great platform to work on more specific aspects of their footballing game, which may not necessarily get looked at during bigger group sessions, or within the coaching they receive in their grassroots football team. Being able to focus intensely on specific elements, which may be the players weaker parts of their game, means confidence can be built quickly, as they are getting something which not every individual they play with will get.

Within these sessions we also like to work with the parents to identify key areas to focus upon as you know better than anyone what your child is like, therefore we find utilising this method extremely effective.


Small Group Sessions

Now 1-2-1 sessions aren’t for everyone so these sessions were designed to cater for other individuals, who still want the small player to coach ratio but also want to save a little bit of money. These sessions are designed for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 individuals, where the sessions done incorporate all players and aim to focus on all players requirements.

These sessions are ideal for people who have siblings who love playing together, friends who want to train together and learn from each other, or family members who think these sessions could benefit them.

Even though these sessions cater for more players, the same bespoke personalised design of the session occurs as we look in depth into player development and how to design sessions, which focus on all players specific weaker elements to help maximise the potential player growth.


Team Coaching

Many people who run a grassroots football team are fairly new to the idea of coaching and delivering sessions to a group of individuals. therefore this service is designed in line with this. The ultimate aim of this service, is to help new grassroots coaches to learn about coaching and delivering sessions.

As part of this service, we will come out to your training facility at your normal training time and deliver a session around your requirements and on an area which you think your team could do with working on. This service is extremely personalised to your team, as we work very closely with yourself to see how things went on your weekend games, so then the session can be structured around improvement from there.


Want to Join The Squad?

If you would like to join the JCR Sports Coaching squad, we’re waiting for you! To get in touch with me regarding your coaching requirements, please do not hesitate to use any of the methods provided through the website to reach out.