Group Technical Sessions

Check out how our unique group technical sessions may be able to help benefit your game, and the value you gain from getting involved.

Why was this session developed?

As a business we specialise in delivering high quality technical football coaching in either a 1-2-1 or small group format. However we want more people to experience and gain value, from the type of coaching we deliver. Therefore this session was developed to allow more individuals to gain an insight into our coaching, and how it can help them.

Now some may question, what makes this different to a normal football coaching session. Well the answer to this question is that we have utilised our knowledge of delivering 500+ technical 1-2-1 or small group sessions to understand the in depth technical coaching details, which should be delivering to enhance player development. As part of this we have broken down key concepts within our sessions, to allow the creation of this unique session focusing on technical coaching components.

The Session

The aim of this session is to help any player who comes to the session develop their technical ability, through a series of drills. The session is built using a circuit type structure, where players participate in a series of drills throughout the hour and rotate round to the next drill after a certain period of time. By adopting this session structure, it allows us to develop a session which helps to develop all round technical ability from which lots of technical detail will be gained.

Throughout the session players will be exposure to drills which will not only help to improve their speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) but also technical skills such as, first touch, passing, dribbling and much more. Not only this, but via the coaching given throughout the session players will develop knowledge relating to how to position their body, where to take their first touch and how to keep posession of the ball to name a few examples.

Within the area, this is the first ever session of it’s type which is in line with the way we are as a business, as we are always looking to innovate, coming up with new ideas and new ways of coaching individuals to help them to reach their maximum potential.

Benefits of this session:

  • Improved confidence in their ability
  • Improved SAQ
  • Better fitness and conditioning
  • Increased ball control
  • Further understanding of technical detail

How do I get Involved?

If you are after more information regarding this session, or the value this session could have for your child, you can either use the contact form on this website or email

In order to maximise the potential gained from this session, numbers are limited to 15 (OPEN SESSION), as this helps to ensure the top quality technical coaching is delivered to all players. To ensure your place is booked on this session,  either use the email above or click the BOOK NOW button!

Want to Join The Squad?

If you would like to join the JCR Sports Coaching squad, we’re waiting for you! To get in touch with us regarding your coaching requirements, please do not hesitate to use any of the methods provided through the website to reach out.