Online Coaching Services

Online coaching has always seemed to be a novelty within the football coaching industry, however in recent times they have become a lot more popular allowing players to train from anywhere they would like.

Online 1-2-1’s

These sessions work in a similar format to your standard sessions, where the session is bespoke to the individual and is focused upon how to develop the individual player. Throughout the session all the drills are designed to be challenging for the individual, as well as helping them to develop as a player.

Within the sessions, there is a particular emphasis upon improving technical performance, however these sessions aim to develop the player as a whole, resulting in improved performance for the player when they move onto the pitch. With the benefit of the 1:1 ratio within these sessions, we can ensure the entire focus is on how we can improve the individual player

Small Group Sessions

Sometimes the online 1-2-1 sessions may not suit individual requirements, therefore we expanded these sessions to a small group format, to help cater for more individuals in pursuit of their development within football. These sessions follow a similar format to our 1-2-1’s however the sessions are designed to the groups needs. This means there will be something for everyone in the group, even if their is different ability levels, they will not be left behind.

With the cap on these sessions being 5 per session, you will still benefit from the low player to coach ratio, allowing the coach to focus on the players within the sessions to help correct technique and deliver high quality technical coaching points. With the added players within these sessions, this also provides scope to allow for competitions between the players within the session, helping to push the intensity and help players strive towards the levels they aspire.

Team Coaching

After requests about the possibility of doing sessions for teams, we have been able to successfully deliver numerous team sessions through our online training platform. These sessions work by having the whole team on one video call at the same time, with one of our coaches assigned to deliver and lead the session for the entirety. 

Within the session the coach will have practices which suit every individual and meets their facilities, i.e space, equipment etc. To ensure every player is pushed to their limits within the session the coach will demonstrate different variations of the practices, allowing the players to choose the one which they think will benefit them the most. These sessions are great for getting your team together in an online environment, meaning they can train at anytime and anywhere.

Want to Join The Squad?

If you would like to join the JCR Sports Coaching squad, we’re waiting for you! To get in touch with us regarding your coaching requirements, please do not hesitate to use any of the methods provided through the website to reach out.