Return of 1-2-1 Sessions

Due to recent developments made during COVID-19 and consulting the relevant authorities, we deem it safe to return to our 1-2-1 sessions. See full statement below.

JCR Official Statement

After consulting with our venue, insurance and the relevant governing bodies we deem it safe to return to delivering our 1-2-1 sessions with over 18’s to begin with due to Staffordshire FA safeguarding legislation. To ensure the safety of everyone involved we have put a few measures in place, to allow us to continue these sessions, which are outlined below.

Current Safety Measures

  • Currently only players who are 18+ will be allowed to train with us
    • We will be constantly checking for updates, and we will inform you when juniors are able to participate in sessions with ourselves
  • A limited number of equipment (i.e 20 cones) used for each individual (where possible we will look to use the bare minimum)
    • To do this, we will separate out our kit and each session will have their own specific kit, with fresh kit being used for each session and person
  • Safe distances will be maintained throughout the session, meaning any demo’s or drills will be designed to be done with 2 metres between the player and coach
    • We will make sure we mark out this area to make sure there is no doubt on the distance they need to be
  • Following on from the sessions all of our equipment will be thoroughly cleaned, following the “wider guidance on hygiene
    • This will be done straight away, on our return from the session
    • We will also ensure there are hand sanitisers and wipes on site for clients and coaches to use
  • All payments will be made online, too further lessen the need for contact between individuals. We have a business account set up which allows payments to be made directly into here, as well as the option to pay via pay pal.
    • If you would like to discuss your way of paying then let us know
  • There will be a designated area in which the player will put their own personal equipment, i.e. clothing, drinks, shinpads etc to ensure there is no mix of equipment during the session

Other Information

  • We will only be offering a maximum of 4 hours’ worth of slots per day, this is due to a couple of reasons
    • This helps to minimise the amount of contact and exposure of our coaches
    • It also ensures our coaches can deliver sessions to a high standard and deliver the same intensity and energy to every player
  • Our bookings can be made completely online now, with an automated process allowing you to book through our website, choose your time slot and get confirmation
  • We will still be offering our online sessions during this time, as we understand there is a need to cater for different individuals. These include, 1-2-1’s, small groups, team sessions, football fitness and our skills session
  • If you have any queries or questions about how we propose to run our sessions then please get in touch via [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you back to our sessions and continue to help you guys develop and progress towards your desired goals.

Much Love

The JCR Team

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