The Beginning of JCR Sports Coaching

This blog is going to be used as a platform so you can follow my journey as a young coach, trying to create his own brand, style and identity within the coaching world. The aim of this will be to allow you to see the progress from the beginning to the end goal, which is hopefully a fully established business making its’ mark in the relevant industries.

The Creation Of The Brand

Entering 2019 on Tuesday made me realise how much I want to have my own business, which allows myself to have more control over the life I live in the future. My dreams of establishing my own successful business began 9 years ago, at 12 years of age. Ever since then, I have made choice which would hopefully help me to achieve this goal.

Football and sport have always been a major part of my life, from a young tender age, so naturally, it seemed to make sense to create a business which focused upon my passions, as you have to enjoy what you do in your life. The next decision to make was where exactly I target within this vast industry. In order to help make this decision, I looked back upon my employment history and established what I am good at, which is coaching and mentoring individuals, especially within sport.

The next stage of the thought process was coming up with a name, one which would get me recognised and form the basis of the brand building. Much thought went into this, as well as opinions of other’s such as business specialists during my time at University. JCR Sports Coaching was settled upon, as JCR is my initials and I want my company to represent and be a reflection of myself. Further to this, the industry I have decided to focus my business venture within is dealing with people, therefore I wanted that personal aspect which people could relate to and really feel the value they are getting.

Getting Out There!

Once the basic building blocks of the business were in place, and the identity had begun to be created, the next step was to get my name out there. Having spent 3 years in Leeds, studying at University my coaching reputation around my local area is limited to a few individuals who I have crossed paths with since I have been back, or coached before I moved to Leeds.

As a consequence of this, many hours were spent researching how to get in contact with local grassroots teams around the area and forming emails in order to gain their attention, giving people some notice of who I am and what I am trying to do. After many hours spent creating emails, and establishing where and who to send them to, I began reaching out to individuals or teams offering an initial FREE session, enabling them to see the value I would be able to offer them through my coaching.

This is the scary part as you are starting to put yourself out there, and opening yourself up to problems such as rejection, but this is just a necessary step in the pursuit of the end goal I strive for.

The Outcome

As always when you put yourself out there in this way, there is always that nervous wait and thoughts are going around such as, is this the right thing? Will anyone give me the opportunity? Am I experienced enough for this?

However, after a while, a few responses began arriving in my inbox with people saying they are interested in what I have to offer and would like to see my coaching. This is the moment I knew I can do this, and people will give me the opportunity to showcase what I have.

A few back and forth e-mails later, and the first couple of teams are booked in to deliver a session to, therefore giving me the opportunity to start builidng a reputation around the local area.

The Next Steps

Obviously, this is the beginning of the brand I am aiming to create, and the work can never stop until the end goal is achieved. Due to this, the next coming weeks will be focused upon creating good, engaging content for social media, reaching out to more teams and individuals, showing people what I have to offer in my team and 121 coaching, as well as coming up with ideas for the future to establish a niche allowing my company to stand out from the rest.

Another focus over the next few months is to build positive relationships, with people who have a similar mindset to myself and to self educate on aspects I don’t fully understand. In order to be a success, this is a necessity, as networking and education are vital to opening up pathways within the business world, when striving to reach that next level.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my journey as a young coach and entrepreneur, trying to make it in the business world.

Want to Join The Squad?

If you would like to join the JCR Sports Coaching squad, we’re waiting for you! To get in touch with me regarding your coaching requirements, please do not hesitate to use any of the methods provided through the website to reach out.